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MadeinMycountry is: A state of mind !! Can you feel it ?

MadeinMycountry loves NFTs Welcome to MadeinMycountry! MadeinMycountry is a global platform that celebrates and supports local history, culture, art, and nature conservation efforts. For two decades, we have been sponsoring local museums, cultural organizations, travel destinations, historical sites, and various cultural events around the world. As an independent and ad-free platform, MadeinMycountry is committed to showcasing the best of each country. We believe in promoting the rich heritage and traditions that make each nation unique. Through our sponsorship programs, we aim to preserve and promote local history, culture, and art for future generations to appreciate. In addition to supporting established institutions, MadeinMycountry also champions independent artists from around the planet. We believe in providing opportunities for talented individuals to showcase t

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MadeinMycountry loves NFTs

MadeinMycountry MadeinMycountryBalkans BalkansCenter Balkan Southeastern...

Unique NFTs from the world’s largest site network of its kind!!

Awe inspiring Agion Oros (Mount Athos)✝️☦️ Greek Orthodox Christianity Hellas (GR)-Cyprus

Nessebar: "Pearl of the Black sea" a UNESCO world heritage site

Summertime in Mykonos, the AegeanSea and the Greek islands #Mykonos,#MadeinGreece,#BalkansCenter,#MadeinMycountry

Adriatic and western Balkans #BalkansCenter,#MadeinMycountry

MadeinMycountry in the Balkans #BalkansCenter,#MadeinMycountryBalkans,#MadeinMycountry,#Balkans

MadeinMycountryGR at the port city of Pireas (Piraeus) GR #MadeinMycountry,#MadeinMycountryGR

Feel the spirit of Christmas in Greece and Cyprus!! #Christmas,#MadeinGreece.#MadeinMycountryGR,#MadeinMycountry